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{Parent Communication Survey}

Each week I spend time creating a newsletter, updating my teacher website, and sending out Remind messages for important events.  Knowing parent involvement is one of the most important factors in early literacy success, I want to do what I can to keep parents informed and involved. I think most teachers share a similar to-do list when it comes to keeping parents updated.

All that to say, do you ever wonder if your efforts are in vain?  Does anyone really read my brightly colored newsletter? Do parents watch the Animoto videos I post on my teacher website showing our recent activities? Am I better off leaving it up to the weekly campus newsletter that is sent out by my principal each Friday? Do my low-socioeconomic students and their families have access to all of the web-based tools I use to share?  SO many questions, but so little time.

Using these various tools takes a lot of time away from planning and preparing actual lessons.  With that in mind, I've decided to create a quick parent survey in hopes of gaining feedback that will help me use my time more wisely.  If you are interested, you can check out a link to the PDF on my Facebook Fan Page.

I've included a version with room to write-in your own preferred method of communication such as Twitter or Instagram.

What are your favorite ways to communicate with parents?

{Leap Frog 20/20 Pledge}

I send home a leveled book with my students each night to read to a parent or sibling in hopes they will have about 20 minutes of reading time. My students love taking home their book and often ask for an extra book.  Knowing how important this time reading can be to a child's learning, I wanted to share the 20/20 Reading Challenge from Leap Frog.  

You can enter to win 1 of 15 LeapFrog Classroom Packs by sending home this flyer to encourage your families to take the LeapFrog Challenge! The challenge is a simple pledge that families make to read 20 minutes each day! For each pledge, LeapFrog will donate 20 books to underserved classrooms via the Kristi Yamaguchi’s Always Dream Foundation. All you have to do is print the flyer then complete the survey and be entered to win today!


Survey after distributing flyer:

Link to take the pledge (so you can commit as well):
Let me know if you are taking the pledge in the comments below, and be sure share with your campus! 

{Currently March 2015}

March? Say it ain't soooooooo Farley

I'm supposed to be grading papers and Led Zepplin is blasting in the background. Why grade when you can blog right? #unproductiveproductivity

I am LOVE LOVE LOVING my new border I purchased today. I plan to redo my classroom over Spring Break. I just need a CHANGE.  New classroom decor, new blog decor. We've got some designing to do.

I'm thinking a lot about my next adventure. I have two plans. Plan A is creative. Plan B is Academic. Plan C is become a beach bum. Plan C is looking good...

I want a snow day dang it. Every time I see a teacher post how much they are getting done on their snow day I cry green tears of envy.

I need to order my Bee Bots and iPad minis! I received a big fat technology grant from my school district, and I am ready to shop til I drop.  Bee Bots are robots geared towards K-1 programming and curriculum. It has a corresponding app that can be used on the iPad minis to include more kids in the enrichment program I hope to implement. I want to bring Hour of Code to my campus, and I feel this is a great way to start!

Spring Break plans are to GET STUFF DONE.  I know my mom wants to have some fun, but we have yet to schedule anything. Suggestions?

What are you up to Currently? Drop by Oh Boy Fourth Grade and share!