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{Sunday Letters- Easter Edition}

Dear Easter,

I think you need to have a meeting with Halloween about your candy selection. There are too many marshmallow-themed options. Marshmallow eggs, bunnies, bigger eggs, bigger bunnies, chocolate marshmallow...seriously. You need some variety.

Thank goodness for Cadbury Chocolate Mini Eggs or this sweet tooth would be feeling sour.

Dear Papers that Need Graded,

I give you an A for sitting in a pile.  Now if you could only learn to grade yourself you'd get an A+.

Dear Mom,

I'm sorry I didn't drive home for the holiday. If you buy me a plane for my birthday we might see each other more often.

Dear Readers,

I am about to share a VIDEO post all about my Very Busy Box I received in the mail yesterday. I can't wait! I am not a professional vlogger, and we could probably make a drinking game out of the number of times I use the words cute and addict (you'll just have to watch and see) but that would be a bit UNprofessional. Hmm
Look what was in my "Easter Basket"!

Dear Michelle,

Thank you for hosting this letter linky. Letters fill my bucket faster than a KFC drive-thru.

Your On Your Mark book study about standards based learning sounds right up my alley.
Go check out her blog if you want to read more!



  1. There are a lot of marshmallow candies at Easter, but I can deal because of the Reese's eggs! I am reading On Your Mark now and it definitely gets you thinking and questioning. Good luck with the plane.

  2. Oh my gosh, I love Easter marshmallow candy! Peeps in particular! I just ate an entire box of them. Thanks for reminding me that I have a stack of papers that need graded. Guess I better get busy!

  3. I love your blog - super sarcastic and it's so visually appealing! :-) Glad you linked up and hope those papers can get that A+ rating soon!