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{Currently May}

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I'm linking up with Farley at Oh Boy 4th Grade for Currently, and I am currently up way too late!

I listen to ONE station on Pandora all the time. Thunder Clatter by Wild Cub. I love that song. It makes me want to run 10 miles. Or tap my foot. Depends on the day. Anything that plays after that is fine with me. Walking on a Dream just happened to be on as I typed. The video is just odd. lol :)

I just celebrated my annual 29th birthday, and I LOVE my fancy shmancy coffee maker.

via Sur la Table aka HEAVEN
I picked the Bonavita 8 cup based on one too many Youtube review videos. (Yes I know the Moccamaster is the best but this was less expensive and still AMAZING.)  I've mentioned before I wake up an hour earlier than needed so I can enjoy 2 BIG cups of coffee. This baby is beautiful. It was so fun to make a big pot of coffee and relax with my family this past weekend.

Moving. Can I get a BLAH-MEN? I came home to one of those lovely letters from the leasing office reminding me my lease is up in July. Silly me. I thought I had til September (oops).  I am not in the mood to move or apartment hunt, but thanks to Exxon, the prices here are climbing.  Maybe I should move to France?  Anyone need a roommate? Must love Schnauzers and coffee.

Let's just be honest. If tomorrow were the last day of school I would cry tears of JOY. I am ready for a break. I've been running on fumes this week thanks to being sick and I think it is time to move on. I am trying to plan as many crafty and hands-on activities as I can to keep me motivated (oh and the kids too!!! lol).

I just realized that it is time to get a mani and pedi so I can start wearing my favorite shoes! Time to Treat Yo Self ladies! I'm currently sporting this awesome shade, but I need toes to match!

Besides going to Vegas for TPT and SDE this summer, I hope to take a Girls Trip with my mom. I am thinking Northern California or San Francisco. Any good ideas? We want to avoid the Texas heat!  After finding out I won't be teaching summer school (boo 3 day conference messing up my plans) I have a lot of time available in June and July to get organized for next year. This is my #1 goal. I want to start things off in August feeling well-prepared! Has anyone else been inspired by Miss DeCarbo's posts about prepping for August? She makes me want to get it done!

Last summer I went on an amazing kayaking trip off the coast of Washington. I want to go again but somewhere new. I want to avoid the Texas heat! Any ideas?  I love exploring new places!

What are you up to in May? I'm off to cheer on a friend in a triathlon tomorrow, and then a winery tour on Sunday!

Happy Weekend Lovelies! You've earned it!