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Bright Idea: Using Remind App for Father's Day

It's time for our June Bright ideas Link Up!

I am the world's worst teacher when it comes to planning in advance for holiday parties and goodies for my classroom.  I'm not sure if the problem persists because I'm not a mom or just an Ebenezer Scrooge.  Thank goodness for helpful parent volunteers who usually make something great happen!

Cut to the guilty feelings, when I realized this weekend is Father's Day and I never planned something special for my students to give to their fathers before school was out.  Of course I made sure the moms had beautiful Mother's Day flowers, but I didn't even think about the poor dads of the world!?  

Have no fear if you are in the same boat! Technology to the rescue!

If you are like me, your smartphone is probably still packed full of great photos from this school year. I save all my photos to both iCloud and Dropbox just for situations like this!

Using my handy dandy Remind App, and some cute clip art on the Rhonna Designs App, I was quickly able to create a personalized picture to send to the dads!

Luckily I have all but three parents still signed up in Remind, and the remaining ones were easy to find through email.

Just a quick crop here, and a quick type there, and you have a cute Happy Father's Day photo sent straight to dad's phone or email address! Whew!


If you don't use Remind, there are other great tools such as Animoto where you can create a quick, free slideshow of class photos to share with parents via email or your class website that includes text and music as a small gesture of appreciation on this special holiday weekend!

This is a great way to quickly share a sweet picture or a note of gratitude with parents or volunteers. I love using this app, and in this case it helped me out when I was short on time and resources!

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  1. I was always so exhausted by the end of the year that the poor dads just got left out. This is a great idea!

    Krazy Town

    1. I wish there was a general family celebration day in the spring and call it a day! :)

  2. This is great! I also ALWAYS forget Father's Day bc we get out so much earlier. Love this! :)

    Adventures in Teaching

    1. Just imagine if we had every Friday off- we'd never forget these things! ;) Thanks for stopping by Cassie!!

  3. I've never been good about Father's Day. Luckily, I was great about it when my dad was around!

    Sally from Elementary Matters

  4. I love Remind and this is such a cool way to use it!! Curls and a Smile