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Building Mathematical Comprehension Week 1

I'm joining Abbey from A Teacher Mom this summer for a great book study! 

A Teacher Mom

We are reading Laney Sammon's Building Mathematical Comprehension this summer together! You may be familiar with Sammon's Guided Math book, but this book is all about applying familiar reading comprehension strategies in your mathematics instruction. 

As I share my thoughts about this book, I plan to stick to sharing the chapter's Big Idea, one AHA moment, and one question or connection I make as I'm reading. 

Big Idea: Without retyping the entire chapter, Sammons explains that as a language arts teachers, we naturally spend time working with students on making connections, asking questions, visualizing, making inferences, synthesizing, and determining importance.  These reading strategies are necessary for learners to be able to analyze, solve, and communicate mathematical ideas effectively.

Ah Ha Moment: According to the author,  I have an instructional advantage because I teach ELA and Math!!  #kittyhighfive

Question: Sammons refers to a "math huddle" as a way to work with communicating mathematical thinking. I hope she will go into what this strategy is. I know math talk is important, so I'd like to read  more about this strategy. 

It feels great to have already spent some time thinking about my teaching, especially as I move into a new grade level.  Have you read this book? Are you doing any book studies this summer?  

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  1. I'm joining in on the book study as well! I hope you don't mind, but I liked the format of your post, so I did the same thing. I have a tendency to overtalk, so I feel like that will keep me succinct. ;)
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