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Building Mathematical Comprehension Week 2

I'm back with Week 2/Chapter 2 of Lanney Sammon's Building Mathematical Comprehension book study hosted by A Teacher Mom! This week I took my book and highlighter to Starbucks so I could relax and learn like the cool kids. ;)

A Teacher Mom

Big Idea: This chapter is all about VOCABULARY! I am always really excited to learn about vocabulary strategies. We know that without a vocabulary background, our students struggle with content retention.  This chapter is so full of ideas that classroom teachers can use.  As I transition to a job where I'm working in small groups, I will have to look for ways to share these tools with my classroom teachers!

One of my favorite notes from this chapter explains that in mathematics, students encounter content-specific vocabulary that is rarely used in everyday conversation.  Not only is the mathematical language difficult, but the symbols in math make-up their own language.  Sammons shares we should teach these symbols using a process similar to learning sight words.

Ah Ha: This statistic saddened me. By the age of 4, more privileged children have heard 45 million words, while those less privileged have heard only 13 million words.

Question: This chapter is full of excellent ideas to help a teacher increase math talk and vocabulary instruction. I would love to see some real-life examples of effective Math Word Walls.  Anyone want to share a picture? :)

I really recommend this book if you are looking to improve your mathematics instruction. This chapter alone made the purchase worthwhile!

:) Happy Summer Reading

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