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Someone Made a List of Education Chats on Twitter, and You Should Use It!

My relationship with Twitter over the years has been a casual one. I've used Twitter to follow current events, complain about customer service, and demonstrate my vast sports knowledge!

Once I realized that educators and change-makers were "meeting" on Twitter each week to discuss topics that I'm interested in, I was hooked.  Even on days when I can't tune-in live to chat, I frequently search for my favorite chat hashtags and read what everyone has to share! Some of my favorite apps and strategies have been discovered through Twitter!

If you are new to Twitter, and want to know more about the process of tweeting and following chats, Peppy Zesty Teacherista's post Twitter Explained does an incredible job of walking you through the steps.  Her screencast is so easy to follow for any Twitter newbie!

The next step, is finding which Twitter chats you want to participate in each week. This is where one of my favorite Google docs of all time comes in! To the creators listed on the document, THANK YOU!

This Education Chats on Twitter Schedule has over 200 education chats and their corresponding hashtags.  My personal favorites are #1stchat, #txeduchat, and a new favorite #tptchat hosted by @erintegration ! There is definitely something for every teacher to join and learn from.

I love that teachers are taking control of their professional development and learning from educators all over the world. Who knew that a tool that I once mainly used to follow pop stars and sporting events can be used to become a better teacher!?

I hope this list helps you as much as it has helped me! You can follow me on Twitter HERE !  

If you are feeling like Twitter is just one more thing to deal with, I get it...I feel that way about laundry. :)

If you do tweet, please share your @username in the comments below so I can follow you as well! 


  1. I also like @kweezlequeen. #teacherfriends

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