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What is Not JANE doing CURRENTLY in June?

HAPPY SUMMER!!!!! (Insert cartwheels, fireworks, bottles and bottles of...well you get my excitement!)

I am back from a little hiatus, also known as the longest and most stressful month of my teaching life EVAH. But we did it friends, we did it!!! 

Today I am finally catching up with the rest of the blog world and linking up with Farley at Oh Boy Fourth Grade.  She is pretty special. ;)

Listening: Is there anyone else who can't get this song out of their head? I hadn't heard the original version until I spent 8 hours in the car this week, and now it is stuck in my brain. I also can't help but picture Katy Perry as I sing this. Do you really think it is about Katy? Maybe it is actually about Kanye? I don't know... What I do know is they all look awesome in the video, but Taylor needs to practice walking in heels...EEKS!

Loving:  I am not ready to share too many details with the internets, but I am excited that I am moving to a really cool neighborhood. After being trapped in the burbs for 2 years, I need to get back to the city. Construction dust, traffic and questionable people on bikes. I'm in. 

Thinking: I woke up this morning thinking about arm/sleeve tattoos. I had a conversation this week about my arms not being summer-ready. Let's be honest, they aren't any season ready. I need to work out. :/ 

Wanting:  I am finally ready to start summer after a hectic few days.  I bought Girl on the Train for my Kindle last night and I am reading to start reading today. I always try to read at least 1 book for fun and 1 book for school over the summer. Maybe this summer I can read more!?  I am switching grade levels so all the books I had planned on reading are out the window (I won't be needing to focus on phonics so much ya know...).

Needing: After finishing the half-marathon, I fell out of love with running for awhile. I have finally got the bug back. I think seeing some of my old trails and training areas this week helped. The only problem is it is now hotter than a potato so I might be starting off on the dreadmill.

Lovin: I am so happy to be moving this summer back to San Antonio. Before I move, I will be heading to Vegas for the big teacher event! Last summer I went on the most amazing kayak trip in the San Juan Islands off the coast of Washington. Since moving is killing my summer budget, I want to come up with a Texas-style kayaking adventure.  Any ideas? This picture of The Devil's River looks amazing! 

What are you all up to Currently? :)


  1. I love reading in the summer! It's the only time to really read for enjoyment! Hope your move goes well=)

    1. Thank you Lisa! I agree- there is so little time to fully enjoy reading during the school year!

  2. I am switching grade levels, too!! It's such an exciting time. Also, I admire that you have done a half marathon! It's a major bucket list item of mine, but I haven't ever gotten around to it. Getting back in the habit of running is on my summer list, too. Isn't it just the BEST to actually have the time to do things again?? Happy summer!!


    1. Let me be up front in saying it was some seriously slow jogging that went down during that half, but I smiled through the entire thing. I couldn't believe how much fun it was! If my junk can move this trunk, ANYONE can do a half. :)

  3. Can I just say that I am so stinkin' excited that you are coming back to SA!!!! The Girl on the Train is good. That main character is not very likable, though.

    Krazy Town

    1. Oh man, I've only got about 90 pages tricky this story! lol