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Building Mathematical Comprehension: Visualizing

Chapter 5 of Laney Sammon's Building Mathematical Comprehension, is all about the importance of visualizing mathematical ideas.

I often have students who jump to the conclusion that they "Just don't get it."  After having a conversation I often come to the conclusion they are missing the visualization piece.  If students don't have a strong manipulative background to build upon, it becomes even more difficult to stretch their thinking into creating models and diagrams to explain their thinking.

After reading this chapter, I went to my teacher search tool of choice, Pinterest, to look for some tools to encourage visualization. Here were three ideas that jumped out at me!

This app will help students visualize Base 10 concepts on the iPad. As I move to working with upper grade students as well as primary students, I will need multiple iPad resources to help with math.

Here Melissa from First Grade Smiles shares one of my favorite Making 10 anchor charts. I love beginning with unifix cubes, and revisiting the concept with this chart. It leads into so many good mini lessons and working with 10 strategies.

via First Grade Smiles blog

This post has fun Math Youtube channels for kids that I can't wait to add to my favorites.


Do you have any go-to ideas about helping students visualize their mathematical thinking?

How do you help those who get frustrated and don't want to draw out their ideas?

Please let me know your tips, and check out other posts at A Teacher Mom for this book study!

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