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Made it Monday: I Love You But I'm Busy Planning

I'm happy to link up with 4th Grade Frolics today for Monday Made It!

I am slowly but surely getting into the Back to School swing of things.  Friday I attended a Guided Math Workshop here in San Antonio, and we had the entire afternoon to create station activities for our students.  Here was my favorite! (Mostly because this is something I would never have sat around doing on my own free time...I'm just sayin...)
These place value cups will be a great math station for my classroom. There were pre-printed number strips that we glued and taped to the cups.  There was also a task-sheet that students can use to record their work as they manipulate the cups.  I can think of many other ways to use this with smaller numbers in the primary grades or even with letters! 

I finally made something for my TpT store!!!

After Erin Cobb's session in Las Vegas, I had sketched an idea in my notebook for Polite Planning Posters. Erin spoke about not letting people use up all your work time at school chit chatting and interrupting with a million questions.

After playing around with the designs, I created a set of five "Motivational" Planning Posters for teachers to use to stay on track during their planning period. Here are a few ways I'm using them.

I added a cute frame to keep on my desk.

I printed these two-to-one to save ink and to create a door hanger with ribbon!

I plan to add posters to this collection frequently, so pick them up now at the sale price! Each update will include one motivational poster and one friendly reminder! ;)

I hope you are all enjoying the last moments of summer and looking forward to the new school year! I am allowed back into my classroom this Wednesday, so be sure to follow me on Periscope @notJANEscopes to see the reveal!

What are you Making this Monday? Any good items I need to put in my cart for the the BTS15 on TpT?