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GoNoodle Makes Learning Stick Giveaway

When GoNoodle asked bloggers who brain break to share their back to school ideas, my hands were high, low and Pop See Ko ing all over the place to share how I am using GoNoodle in my new intervention small groups. Sound like nonsense? Stay with me. :)

GoNoodle is a platform for ad-free videos all geared at energizing and engaging your students in a fun way. These brain break videos range from academic to straight up silly. In other words, just what every teacher needs to get through the day! Without a doubt, Koo Koo Kangaroo are my favorite stars on GoNoodle.

In August, I shared on the GoNoodle blog all about how I use their brain break videos to survive so many days of indoor recess while teaching in Houston by having a Hot or Rainy Day Recess DJ.

Now that I have changed roles, I had to find a way to use my favorite brain breaks with my intervention groups. I was concerned at first.  How can I incorporate one of my favorite tools, when I am only meeting with each group or student for 40 minutes?  Once I received my student list, and I noticed that one student in particular was in need of a very structured schedule. even within such a short time frame.  I quickly created a simple sticker behavior chart to help him see our time together in chunks.  For each activity we complete together, he is able to put a sticker on his chart. Once he gets four stickers, he gets to have a GoNoodle brain break! This has helped me quickly build a great relationship and manage his easily off-task behaviors.  He typically earns his brain break about 25 minutes into our intervention block.

Using GoNoodle doesn't have to stop with your students. I plan on hosting a GoNoodle party for my staff before our Thursday faculty meetings in September as a way not only to share the love, but help teachers re-energize after the stress of dismissal.

After standing in the blazing San Antonio sun smelling bus fumes, a few minutes of Class Dismissed or a cool down video like Let it Go will hopefully put a smile on their faces.

If you are new to GoNoodle, you are going to want to Run Like the Kitty Kitty over to GoNoodle and create a class account so that you can get in on the brain break action!

While you're there, you should stop by their shop and shop with the 15% discount code off everything BTSwithGoNoodle.  The code is valid September 4 - September 11. I plan to stock up on stickers and a new t-shirt

Want to win a great prize? Then I have GoNoodle has Champ Temporary Tattoos for your entire class!

 I will be giving away these great prize box prizes, just enter below!

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