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Remind Connected Educators Twitter Chat

My amazing Special Education RCE partner Valerie and I will be hosting our first Remind #SpEdRCE Twitter chat this Wednesday, October 21st in celebration of Connected Educator Month!

We are excited in the weeks ahead to invite Special Education and Intervention teachers to join our Remind Connected Educator group!  If you are interested in the chat, we will focus on the questions below.  Our chat is just 30 minutes, so if you are new to Twitter, this is a great way to try out an education chat and learn from some extraordinary teachers!

  • What have been some of your strengths/setbacks within SpEd or Intervention?
  • How do you bounce back from those setbacks (i.e. colleagues, mentors)?
  • In honor of Connected Educator’s Month, how can you grow your PLN to better serve your students as well as develop a growth mindset for yourself?
  • In what ways can small group intervention teachers and SpEd teachers be more connected?

Be sure to set your reminder for Wednesday night! We can't wait to chat and learn more from each other!


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