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The Power of a Pencil

If you are my real-life Facebook friend, then you'll have already read this post. If you are blog buddies, I hope my Thank You inspires you to ask when in need, and give when you can. :) 

Happy Weekend.

Never underestimate the power of the pencil, or in my case, the need of a pencil.

In August, I submitted a Reddit Teacher Gift request. Each fall, Reddit pairs donors with teachers requesting supplies. My request was somewhat simple. As an intervention teacher, I do not receive a share in the school supplies students bring in August. Not wanting to burden classroom teachers with my needs, my Reddit request was somewhat simple. Basics such as pencils, glue, notebooks, folders, tissue, and erasers were really all I needed.

That's when a (then) stranger through Reddit (Brad) contacted me. He was a Texas donor who felt strongly that all teachers should be provided with the basic supplies needed in the classroom. He asked if I could share my story, and set a goal to go beyond my basic wish list and raise donations to help supply my class for years to come.

Brad's network of friends were quick to jump in to help, (even despite their concerns of whether or not I was running an underground loose leaf notebook paper operation☺). Some shared they planned to donate to a teacher in their own neighborhood (awesome). Together they donated over $500 worth of supplies and Amazon Gift Card dollars towards my class.

When the massive box of supplies arrived, the first thing I opened where the pencils.

I write all this to say thank you to Brad and his friends, and to challenge you to follow his example. Teachers spend on average $500 or more out of pocket each year on supplies for their classroom. Each and every donation matters. 

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