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Reality Check

Happy Holiday Greetings Everybody!

I am blissfully into day one of my 9 day Thanksgiving Break. That's right. After (I don't even know how many) weeks of what feels like 24/7 school, we've made it to our first real break. I am SUPER Thankful for a full week off because an 8 hour drive to visit family can't be done over the weekend.

Mom and dad, get the waffle iron ready.

Wait, this is a mindful eating post.

Ok. Let's do some real talk.  I have shared over the years on my blog my ups and down with running and my love to eat.all.the.things.  It is no secret that I have self-control issues when it comes to food. I have tried and majorly failed at Whole 30 more than once, and have really slacked on exercise since moving back to San Antonio.  Excuses are like ________ everybody's got one. I don't have any other excuse than my priorities have been out of whack.

I read about Dee Dee and Rachelle's challenge last week, and it gave me a reality check. I always joke that I have reverse body dysmorphia. I see myself as the healthier/thinner me from more years ago than I'd like to count.  Then leave it to a non-IG filtered photo to snap me back to reality.

What worked?

I found an accountability partner and have made a plan.  (I love you Sandy!)
We set a food/calorie goal, step goal for our Fitbits, and will use SnapChat to cheer each other on. Although today's snaps were all about Baylor vs. OkState...


I used MyFitnessPal and only stuck to one food goal of no dairy.  Let's just say we've got problems...
This week I will have no excuse for not being more mindful of what I'm eating. I have few work distractions to get in my way. There is time to sleep. I can exercise each day. Also, going home for the holiday means mom will make sure I eat my veggies!

Looking Ahead...

I realize the challenge includes sharing my food log with others! GASP.  I can do this. #openbook

I am working on a post about how I hope to maximize my time off to plan for the month ahead, and The Mindful Eating challenge will definitely be part of my planning.

Being a teacher is hard emotionally and physically, and if we don't take steps to stay healthy, then we cannot be our best self for our students.  I love my job and school, and I want to show up each day with the energy and enthusiasm my students deserve.  Feeling better is big piece of the puzzle. Be sure to let me know in the comments below if you have any tips for getting in 15K steps or fitting in enough veggies and water each day!

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